Friday, September 13, 2019

spamming service office 365

spamming service office 365
icq : @724691041 (olux)
telegram : @oluxshop
skype : live:oluxshop

<*>the spamming service is not including leads you must send us your leads
<*>we offert sender inbox 100%(we can send only 75 000 leads per order)if u wanna send more you pay more.
<*>we offert our last scama page and lettre inbox
  -protected with blockers robots.
  - our lettre zero image
  - our lettre and scama page crypted
  - Both is auto get email
  - victime only have to put password two time and go to offcial website office
<*>we offert making links https secured delivred.
 -multi links and multi redirection links.
 -What is rediraction??
 -it's a system to control all links from one links (Basic url).
 -Basic url didn't have scama page only script redirct to Sub-links.
 -Sub-links have scama page script if one die or red.
 -we change Sub-links from Basic url.
 -Why rediraction?
 -for our clients not lose leads and result after links red.
<*>What must client send us?
 -you will only send your leads + email get result.
<*> Why we don't accpt low orders than 75 000 leads
 - Because our lisence key goddady send 75 000 leads at ones
 - we can't risk of it with low number leads
<*> if you have good and fresh leads good 100% you will get big result
<*>after payment what will happen?
 -after payment you send your leads  + email result
 -we confirm with you link delivred to your email
 -after we start spamming
 -we send you video proof sending all your leads
 -when ur list finished sending

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